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So, Who Am I?

Vince_close_up_profileHey everyone, thanks for stopping by. My name is Vincent, and I run the site here at

Let me start off by saying I have been dubbed “The Ultimate Consumer” by every single person I know.

Whenever I see a new product that sparks my interest, I’m like a 5 year old waking up on Christmas morning. I get super excited and need to play with it in order to figure out if the product is as good as the marketing behind it.

Needless to say, it’s a very expensive habit to have.

Why Did I Start This Site?

Like many folks out there, I used to smoke.

I used to smoke a lot- like a pack a day.

Not only was it prohibiting me from buying more stuff to play with and review, but I know it wasn’t healthy for me in the long run.

Then one day I saw this infomercial about an electronic cigarette and, of course, had to try it. I didn’t even want to stop smoking at that time, but I was really curious about how it worked because I never saw anything like it.

Well, let me tell you, the one I bought freakin’ sucked!

I was so mad.

I wasn’t mad because I just burned over $100 for a cheap little toy that I now use for a Q-Tip, but mad because of how “off” the manufacturer’s pitch was. The way I see it, if you tell me that if you spend “A” to get “B” and it’s going to do “C”, it better.

Well, it didn’t.

The problem with a lot of product-based businesses these days is that they would rather make as much money as they can during their short shelf-life with some clever marketing, and in exchange, become total sell-outs and lose all “old school” business principles in the process. What this means is money matters more than a smile from the consumer they are selling to.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

So from that day on, I started looking into electronic cigarettes more, did tons of research,  until one day I came across portable vaporizers.

Since then, I started checking them out and here I am.

What to Expect

Un-biased reviews with flat out honesty.

If I like something, I’ll tell you.

If I hate something, I’ll tell you…twice.

See, I get my kicks from reviewing products and then recommending (or bashing) them so people like you can have a better buying experience. As absurd as it sounds, I’d rather buy something and lose money on it before I put my name on the line for a few bucks.

So as I “play” more with portable vaporizers, I’ll be giving you guys in-depth reviews of them with some videos of my own tests from time to time.

The whole point of my site is to help you (and anyone you know) find the best portable vaporizer.

You can always strike up a convo with me on Twitter.

Until then, vape on..on the go!