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Giving Back to You Guys…and Gals

Editors Note: I suck for not updating this page – I know. Sorry about that. Keep checking back though because I have some juicy stuff lined up for you folks rolling out soon.

Things are about to get loco here in the next few weeks.

March is here, and that means March Madness.

I was thinking of doing something like a tournament type vaporizer with crazy brackets, but I don’t have the attention span for those things so I figured I’d take a different route and save that for another time.

I’m not much into social media other than Twitter, but I have been getting pushed more and more by my girlfriend to get a Facebook page and Google+ page, so I caved in and I did it.

At the moment, I haven’t really done anything in terms of really promoting them so here’s the deal:

For the month of March, once I receive over 200 followers on either my Facebook page or Google+ page, I’ll kick back a brand new Magic Flight Launch Box to a lucky “vaper” (must be 18+ though,).

Yea – you read that right.

I figure I’d raise the stakes a bit and give back a little more this month because it’s March Madness and because I’m just one hell of a guy.

I’ll randomly pick a person and announce it on the last day of the month, so if you fancy the MFLB, you know what to do.

Facebook page
Google+ page

Peace and…Vape On…On the Go!