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Atmos Raw Vaporizer Review

Review Summary
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User Rating: 0.9 (54 votes)
Pros: Works with dry herbs, long battery life (50+ draws), easy to use, super discrete and durable.
Cons: Combusts more than it should, works more like an electric pipe than a vape pen.

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer Pen is a handheld vape (kinda) that has been getting a lot of mixed reviews everywhere. Some claim it as the best vaporizer pen on the market, while others flat out use it to get an edge when playing “Pencil Break”.

While this portable unit definitely has some good features that can’t be ignored, there are a few things that I’m not too crazy about as well. For the purpose of clarity, I’m going to be reviewing and grading the Atmos based solely as a vaporizer pen and not in other ways.

Here’s my Atmos Raw Vaporizer review.

How It Works

atmos raw vaporizer reviewIn doing my Atmos Raw vaporizer review, I found that the unit itself is super easy to use. Here’s how to get it going.

  1. Make sure battery is charged. You want to first make sure that battery is charged all the way. Just screw on the USB charger and plug it into your computer or use the wall adapter to plug it into the wall.
  2. Screw the ceramic heating chamber onto the battery.
  3. Drop in the glass screen/filter. Atmos gives you a glass screen (filter) that needs to be put in before you load up your material. This is super important so make sure you do it.
  4. Load up your herbs. Pick your favorite solid concentrates and herbs and drop them into the heating chamber. Don’t overload it though. The good thing is that you don’t have to use a lot of your material to get a good draw out of it so it may be a good idea to make it extra fine.
  5. Close it up. When you’re done loading it, just screw the mouthpiece back on.
  6. Press the power button for 5-10 secs. By pressing this, the bottom will light up showing you that it’s being used.
  7. Vape. Now you can start taking your draws.

Heat Settings

The Atmos Raw pen vaporizer will heat to 400° F and is ready for use within 5-10 seconds after pushing the power button. The pen has an automatic shut off that keeps the temperature within a safe range for the device. The automatic shut off begins after 9 seconds.

Battery Life

The Atmos Raw pen will need to be fully charged before the first use, which can take up to 6 hours. After the first charge, however, the  pen can be fully charged in around 2 hours. The rechargeable battery offers up to 72 hours (or 50+ draws) of use with a single charge which is pretty damn amazing. All you need to do is simply plug the cord into an outlet to charge it and avoid overcharging the battery after the first full charge to make sure the battery life gets the most bang for it’s buck.

What’s In the Box

  • Atmos Raw Pen
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB Charger
  • Cleaning Brush Tool
  • Loading Tool
  • Bonus Glass Screen
  • User Manual

The Atmos Raw vaporizer pen kit comes with a all this stuff above. You can order replacement parts such as batteries and filters online anytime you need them. You may also need to replace the ceramic coil once in a while if you use the device often. The good thing is that all the parts are easy to replace since the Atmos Raw comes apart in sections. One thing you may want to load up on is the glass screens, or filters, because for a good vape, you will need these to make the unit work better.

How to Take Care of It

You want to make sure you take care of your Atmos the best you can, so here are a few tips:

  • Use the screen. On the early units, Atmos wasn’t giving out these glass screens and these make the biggest difference from vaping and combustion on this.If that screen can be a glass screen, that’s better.
  • Do NOT over-charge the battery. The battery is as sensitive as girl teen on prom night. Just charge it for a maximum of 2 hours and you’ll be fine, but if you over-charge it, your battery will have issues.
  • Do NOT over-stuff the chamber. The chamber is small, and if you overload it, you will block the airflow and get crappy drags.
  • Clean it regularlyMake sure to use the cleaning brush it comes with and maintain the pen regularly. Don’t forget to disconnect the battery before cleaning because you don’t want things to get messy. For the rubber mouthpiece, just use a moist paper towel.

Final Thoughts and PV Pro Tips

In wrapping up my Atmos Raw vaporizer review, there were lots of good things that I liked about it, but with respect to it being considered a portable “vaporizer”, it just doesn’t make the cut.

If you’re considering getting this primarily as a portable vaporizer, I’d have to say that there are other better ones in the market and I only say that because it‘s just not a “true vaporizer” in my opinion and combusts material more than vaporizing it.

However, if you’re looking for something that works more like a bad-ass electric pipe, then the Atmos Raw is an incredibly great buy because it’s sleek as hell and gets the job done in awesome ways. You can get some really good draws from it and works incredible with your dry herbs.

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