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DaVinci Vaporizer Review

Review Summary
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User Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)
Pros: This unit is easy to clean, has a fast warm up cycle, and produces some really great vapor. I also like the ergonomic grip on it.
Cons: Aside from the unit getting hot at times, the tube sometimes "whistles" and that can be a little annoying at times.

This DaVinci Vaporizer review will be a little unique since this is the first vape that I’m trying that doesn’t actually involve a jury rig in order to vaporize essential oils. It seems like the makers wanted to encourage that, in fact, which is pretty nice and shows that the manufacturer actually listens to us little guys.

How It Works

The DaVinci is actually a really interesting unit since it looks like a walkie-talkie, but loading can be a bit of a pain.

The section where the stem inserts flips up to reveal the heating chamber, which is a good size, but because it just flips instead of removing completely, it actually partially blocks that chamber off, meaning that you’ll need a piece of paper or something in order to actually load it. I haven’t seen any other DaVinci vaporizer review mention that, but it annoyed me.

Using it is actually really easy though.

All you have to do is turn it on, set the temperature, and when the light turns green, you’re ready to go.

You can get a lot of good, dense vapor and excellent flavor pretty quickly and with a very natural pull. It’s nice to see a vaporizer that doesn’t require you to drag a certain way in order to get the right amount of vapor and it still have plenty of flavor. The internal thermometer is good and keeps a steady stream of vapor coming.

Charging is ain’t so bad either.

It comes with a wall charger that you just plug in and go. It’s not complex, and it doesn’t take a long time, so my DaVinci vaporizer review gives it points for simplicity in that category. I would have liked to see a USB charging option, but it wasn’t really a deal-breaker for me.

Heat Settings

Probably one of the most interesting and useful aspects of the DaVinci is that you can set your own temperature.

This gives you a lot of freedom, especially if you live in humidity or climates that make various herbs more or less heat prone. It starts at 100°F and goes all the way up to 430°F. The device operates both in Farenheit and Celsius.

Battery Life

A rechargeable premium lithium ion battery comes with this unit which can last up to about 2 hours of vaping. Charging it takes around 2-4 hours.

There is also an auto-shut-off that safely idles the device after 10 minutes of not using it.

What’s In the Box

The box comes with the vaporizer itself, a number of replacement screens, the wall charger, a stem, and a couple of small canisters.

These are my favorite additions: oil canisters. Basically, you can open them, add essential oils to cotton inside, and then just drop them in the heating chamber to get them going.

I wish that a similar device for herbs would be included to make loading them easier.

Here’s the full rundown of everything it comes with:

  • Flexi Straw
  • 3 Large Replacement Screens
  • 6 Small Replacement Screens
  • 2  Essential Oil Cans
  • A Cleaning Brush
  • 110v -240v Wall Charger
  • The Manual

How to Take Care of It

Cleaning is easy, but not the easiest.

It does come with a small cleaning tool hidden next to the herb chamber, but it’s not very effective and, again, the flip top mouthpiece gets in the way of getting a really effective clean. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

The unit also comes with a number of replacement screens, and keeping those fresh really does help maintain a good tasting pull.

Final Thoughts and PV Pro Tips

davinci vaporizer reviewThis is a really great vaporizer overall, but there were certain things I wasn’t too thrilled about. I didn’t like the loading or cleaning because of the design, as well as the battery life being a bit inconsistent at times.

While there are other units that I think rank a little better, this is still a decent vaporizer for two main points – it works well in different climates/altitudes as well as having the ability to vaporize oils. Others fall short in these categories and aren’t as versatile.

Another really nice little perk is that you can vaporize oils and herbs at the same time which I thought was really bad-ass.

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